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Some years it feels like I live for the after Christmas sales. That Man and I typically hold off on major purchases just so we can take advantage of the sales.

Need a new set of knives for the kitchen…55% off after Christmas.

This time it was beds for the wee beasties…15% off.

We seem to buy A LOT of beds for the wee beasties.

Four boys.

Need I say more?

Bed trampolines. Bed forts. Stunt man air bags…for breaking their falls off the roof of a building (high-boy dresser). Not to mention the usual ships and cars and trains beds become with a fertile imagination. Then there are the fights when one brother kicks the other out of the bedroom and someone ends up dragging their mattress down the stairs to camp out in the game room. Sigh. Beds just don’t last around here.

So, this was a long overdue purchase.

I even splurged, buying new bedding for them. After all, Spongebob just doesn’t cut it for a soon to be high-schooler and soon to be middle-schooler. And the younger two, I don’t think we had a complete set of anything for them.

New beds. New bedding. New paint. Right?

Beds arrived a week ago. I told the wee beasties to get their rooms ready so I could paint. Saturday arrived, had anything been done? Nope. I muttered aloud, “I guess you don’t want new beds. I’ll go see what charity could use four brand new beds. I’m sure there are some kids who’d LOVE new beds.”

What do you know? The younger two had their room cleaned out by dinner time.

Sunday was painting day for their room. An all-day process with “helpers” 😆

Now to entice the older two to get their room cleaned out.

Who wouldn’t want a brand new room?

Sometimes this parenting thing is tough. What have you done to trick — er, encourage — your offspring into doing what you need them to do?