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Tomorrow is National Pie Day. An event I haven’t missed since learning of its existence. After all, pie IS my favorite dessert.

It isn’t that I forgot. Rather, knowing I had a three-day weekend right beforehand, I procrastinated. Procrastinated, yeah, I keep meaning to join procrastinator’s anonymous.

And typical of a three-day weekend and all four wee beasties at home…no pie.

ToT-ButtonNicole does a regular Top 10 List feature over on her blog, called Ten on Tuesday. I mentioned its fun brilliance and she pointed me toward Carole where I registered for the Ten on Tuesday prompts.

Today’s prompt:

10 Things You Always Have in Your Car

  1. Booster seat
  2. First-aid kit…four boys, need I say more?
  3. ABBA CD
  4. An outlet thing (adapter?) we plug into the lighter spot that allows us to charge anything from phones to DSI’s to my laptop
  5. Blanket
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Roll of paper towel
  8. Tinkerbell (a necklace I got on a visit to Disneyland as a kid and it’s hung from my rear view mirror since my very first car)
  9. Loose change in the ashtray (I always keep at least $2 in there)
  10. Scotland flag decal (I won’t stick to my car so I can move it)

What 10 things do you always have in your car?