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And the cobwebs are falling off, slowly but surely.

  • 250 words per day…yep, as Morning Pages but still 250 words plus. Actually, I averaged 478 per day over the last seven.
    I also wrote 332 new words on my WIP and edited about 1100 down to 798, LOL.
  • Deep EDITS lessons — the Lesson Two worksheets and assignments were:
  1. Review one chapter of WIP and complete Backloading Worksheet. Okay, I reviewed this worksheet but did not complete it. Why? This feels like a fine edit, something this WIP is not ready for.
  2. Review WIP and complete Litotes Worksheet. Check.
  3. Review WIP and complete Parallelism Worksheet. Um, no. I’m not getting it or my WIP isn’t ready for this level.
  4. Review WIP and complete Epistrophe Worksheet. Ran out of time on my assigned days and yesterday was too busy to catch up.
  5. Review WIP and complete Anadiplosis Worksheet. Ditto the above.
  6. Using the five chapters of WIP printed out, highlight character description and setting in GREEN, and highlight internalizations in YELLOW. As this is my first go with the EDITS system I was told to stop there. Check.

This week’s goals are simply:

  • Write 250 words (or edit for an hour) every day.
  • Complete all the worksheets and assignments for Lesson Three of Margie Larson’s Deep EDITS lecture packet.

How was your week?

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