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Let’s talk books!

Just Read

Marking Time (the first of the Immortal Descendants series) by April White

Why I picked it up: I’m not sure where I first saw mention of this book but a week or so ago I saw it listed for free on Amazon. Bonus, it’s a time-travel story.

What I liked: Everything. LOL, seriously, I don’t give books 5 stars often or easily but this one definitely deserves it. The main character, Saira, is fully developed and engaging. The world and the historical elements are well done, even gripping. We follow Saira as she searches for her mother and learn about Saira’s past as she learns it. Billed as young adult, MC is 17, this tale is packed with paranormal, urban fantasy, time-travel, and suspense.

What I disliked: The next book isn’t out yet, LOL.

Run, don’t walk, and pick this one up. At 2.99 for the Kindle version, this 400+ page story is a page turner you won’t regret picking up.


Healing the Highlander by Melissa Mayhue

Why I picked it up: I love Melissa Mayhue’s Daughters of the Glen series. I’d fallen behind in picking up the books, this is a hard copy series for me, because I’ve been caught up in e-books lately.

What I like: I really enjoy Mayhue’s voice. I like the world and characters and the Fae elements. And Scotland doesn’t hurt. 🙂 A lot of the books in this series involve time-travel (a favorite of mine) and this one has that feel, though I’m not far enough into it to be sure it actually is a time-travel tale.

What I dislike: Nada. Mayhue is a must buy author for me.

Will Read

Kushiel’s Dart (the first book in the Kushiel’s Legacy series) by Jacqueline Carey

Why I picked this up: This author was brought to my attention during Coyote Con, perhaps even this particular series, and I was able to get the first three books at a second-hand store. Score. (Book 2: Kushiel’s Chosen & Book 3: Kushiel’s Avatar)

What I expect to like: These are deliciously thick books, 600-900 page paperbacks, so I expect an epic tale. I also expect I’ll be reading these awhile, LOL.

What I expect to dislike: This is a completely new author for me so I have no idea at this point, unless the length of these books ends up working against the story.

You may have noticed I had this down last time. I found it hard to start, so have read other books, but can’t say whether that’s due to the story or not.

UPDATE: Check out this fun character post with the hero from When Love Waits!

What are you reading and loving at the moment?