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And I’m rather shocked, LOL.

Oops, I guess it’s actually week 5…

  • 250 words per day…averaged 255 words per day with Morning Pages.
  • A haunting daydream has morphed into new wordage. Whether it will morph in an actual story is another thing. However, I’ve been WRITING. Whee!
    • Wednesday: 1979 words
    • Thursday: 673 words
    • Friday: 1741 words

    Yep, that’s 4393 words in three days.

  • Deep EDITS lessons — the Lesson Three worksheets and assignments were:
  1. Review WIP and complete Epistrophe Worksheet. (From Lesson Two) Check.
  2. Review WIP and complete Anadiplosis Worksheet. (From Lesson Two) Check.
  3. Review WIP and complete Cliche Worksheet. Check.
  4. Review WIP and complete Simile Worksheet. Check.
  5. Review WIP and complete Metaphor Worksheet. Check.
  6. Using the five chapters of WIP printed out, underline DABS (Dialogue cues, Action and Choreography, Body language, and Senses) with a RED PEN. Check.

This week’s goals are simply:

  • Write 250 words (or edit for an hour) every day.
  • Complete all the worksheets and assignments for Lesson Four of Margie Larson’s Deep EDITS lecture packet.

How was your week?

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