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I don’t know if any other school districts do this or not. I certainly don’t remember it from my school days.

Here in Nevada, or at least southern Nevada, the week of Dr Seuss’ birthday is Nevada Reading Week. The wee beasties’ elementary school goes all out.

All this week, teachers will be calling trying to catch students reading. I, personally, will be enjoying the silence of three of the four wee beasties reading between 7 and 7:30 pm, guaranteed every night, all week 🙂

Plus there are activities at school this. Yesterday, was a book picnic. Today, is a contest to see which student has the most words on their shirt. Tomorrow, is dressing up like a favorite book character. Thursday is the family literacy night which will include watching The Lorax. And Friday is hat day, as in The Cat in the Hat, hat day.

We have fun challenges for home, too. Family game night. Read to a family member night. Turn off the TV (and video games) night. The wee beasties turn in tickets for each activity and are entered to win books.

Have you ever heard of Reading Week?

If you could dress up as your favorite book character tomorrow, who would you be?

I’m leaning toward Mary Poppins myself 😀