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Generally, all Nines:

  • Express the mastery of their suit, or element.
  • Reflect the themes and wisdom of The Hermit.
  • Symbolize completion.
  • Can be the resolution of a plot point such as the crisis or climax; the character’s mastery of the change in their arc; or the conclusion of any trials either in the plot or with the character.
  • Are the conclusion of the final set of mini-dramas mentioned in the Numbers in Tarot post.
  • For additional info on Nines check out Tarot Notes Take a Number series on nines.


What I See:

I love seeing images in these cards I’ve seen in real life. The petroglyph seen in the upper left corner is She Who Watches. A sense of protection washed over me as I viewed this image in rock. (Here’s the legend.)

The stormy clouds seem to reflect an inner turmoil. Grief even. There’s a deeper sense of soul-searching to this image than the Three of Air. We’ve moved beyond pouring out our thoughts onto paper. That looks like it might be a standing stone which are often sacred spots and give me a sense of grounding.

General Air element/Sword suit:

Please refer back to the Ace of Air.

Light (upright) Reading:

Don’t dwell on ‘could haves’ or ‘should haves.’

  • Keywords: Soul-Searching, Shadow-Work, Prayer, or Mind-Healing.

Shadow (upside down or reverse) Reading:

Beware of being crushed by grief.

  • Keywords: Nightmares, Guilt, Suffering, or Depression.


How about a retelling of the She Who Watches legend?

This particular card definitely speaks to the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ so perhaps exploring depression, or melancholy. The eyes in the corner could mean a haunting, real or imagined or dreamed. Perhaps a nightmare?

How about loneliness? A mother’s grief? Pain?

Perhaps, she has traveled to a sacred spot for a premonition. Or maybe focus on the power of three times three (the nine).

  • Nine Themes: Self-mastery, Solitude, Wisdom, Experience, or Completion.

According to Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner, the Nine of Swords is historically said to “suggest that someone’s suspicions or misgivings about a shady character were well-founded.” Perhaps a mystery or thriller?


Open compassion for others.

  • Suit Archetype/Feudal Class: Nobility, Warrior, and Political class.

The nine-point personality enneagram can also be useful for character building.

All Nines are E9: Mediator, Peacemaker, and/or Preservationist

  • Self Image — I am content
  • Passion — Indolence, Laziness, or Accidia
  • Virtue — Diligence
  • Narcissistic Trap — Self-abasement
  • Avoids — Conflict
  • Speaking Style — Monotonous or Rambling

E9 people are instinctive, spontaneous, and intuitive. Their “gut” feeling is the center of their awareness. They are often direct or territorial. They are concerned with power, ruled by aggression, and may be troubled by self-doubt or self-blame.

Additionally, look up one of the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) for personality traits.

Image: Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert from Llewellyn Worldwide