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Do you remember Gumby, and Pokey?

The wee beasties are on Spring Break this week. As always seems to come up on these holidays, we started comparing their childhood to mine.

It feels like one of those songs or commercials, “when I was young we had to get up to change the TV channels” or “we drank from the garden hose.” And a radio show…not even in the stratosphere of their understanding. Of course, those were before my time, too, LOL.

Last night, Gumby.

The wee beasties and I stayed up much later than planned catching up on Gumby and Pokey’s adventures 🙂

There is something magical about introducing the boys to things I loved from my childhood. Having them enjoy it, too…well, that’s priceless.

“So, it’s like the 60’s version of SpongeBob,” oldest informed me.

Sure. I guess there are worse things he could have compared Gumby to.

What was the last “I remember when” moment you had with someone from a different generation?