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ROW80LogoIn the spirit of Kait Nolan’s Fix Your Focus post, I’m not going to beat myself up for a less than stellar Round.

I DID write on my Morning Pages most of the days of the Round (250 words or a half hour — whichever came first — going over word count more often than not).

I DID write over 6K on a dream idea that might become a story. I’ll have to get back to it and see what develops.

There was even a tiny bit of editing early in the Round.

I DID get about half way through the Deep EDITS lesson packets. I’ve found myself looking for and using the rhetorical devices I’ve learned so far.

I HAVE sent out resumes, more than I can count at this point, and continue to send out resumes. I’ve had a few interviews as well, and one job offer (which I turned down). And while the hunt is frustrating, I’m confident I’ll find something that is a good fit for my skill set and family.

We replaced the family truckster with a new-to-us van.

I DID chaperon #2’s field trip to Red Rock, help at #3’s Valentine’s party and #4’s Easter party, stay up until the wee hours of the morning helping #1 with a paper roller-coaster assignment, and see Craig Ferguson with That Man.

That Man and I received a compliment on the wee beasties while we were out to dinner the other night. Color us stunned. I admit, they were uncharacteristically well behaved. What an awesome thing for that woman to take a moment to say, “Well done.” Parenting is tough, rewarding but tough. It’s too easy to focus on the negative. I will definitely be paying this one forward!

I’m on pace toward my goal of reading 100 books this year.

How’d the first quarter of the year go for you?

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