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Let’s talk books!

Just Read

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Why I picked it up: That Man brought this home for me. I have the rest of the series, have read and loved the majority of the series, but hadn’t been in a rush to pick this one up.

What I liked: The quirkiness of Sookie is always fun. There’s the expected danger and love and paranormal drama. Once I sat down with it, I flew through the pages.

What I disliked: It’s feeling tired. Perhaps Ms. Harris should have ended the series a few books ago. The thing that got me were the inconsistencies, continuity issues. However, someone just coming to the series, or reading this as a stand alone, wouldn’t pick up on them.


The Enchanter by Christina Hamlett

Why I picked it up: Someone, quite awhile ago now, raved about this book. It’s out of print now, so I’ve been searching for it off and on since hearing about it. I managed to land a retired library copy a few months ago.

What I like: We’ve got Merlin in “present” day (book was published in 1990) as the illusionist Kyle Falconer. We have Catherine, a reporter, who’s strangely drawn to Falconer. And wrapped around their story is the Arthurian myth. I’m enjoying Catherine. I’m not far enough into the story to see if we have Falconer’s POV.

What I dislike: There’s a bit of an omnipresence to the narration and it occasionally pulls me from the story.

Will Read

Phantom by Susan Kay

Why I picked this up: Um…I’m involved in a love affair with the Phantom of the Opera. And I have no intentions of giving it up!

What I expect to like: “None of us can choose where we will love.” ~ Erik. The Phantom’s POV! It appears the entire story is told in first person. The book is broken down into parts and we open with Erik’s mother’s POV.

What I expect to dislike: I’m not sure. I’ve never read anything by Ms. Kay before so don’t know what to expect.

What are you reading and loving at the moment?