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Not wanting to lose the interview momentum of last week, I sent out a new round of resumes Monday. It netted an application packet being sent to me for one position and an interview on Tuesday for another position.

I never got around to returning the application packet.


The company that called me in for a second interview last week, called me in for testing (writing :snicker: and personality). I was informed they’d would be calling my references.

Had a bit of drama when I found out my main reference was no longer with the company I’d worked for. Some scrambling ensued. But I found a second, then a third contact at the company.

No longer am I sans job.

Yes, much squealing and Snoopy dancing commenced.

On to the ROW80 part of this program.


  • Morning Pages for a minimum of 250 words or half hour, whichever comes first, every day. 1915 words and all but Saturday (at least at the time of scheduling this post.)
  • Fiction, either 250 new words (new or existing WIP) or 1 hour of editing each week. Not yet.
  • Post three times a week here on the blog. Yep. There was Holy Interviews Batman on Sunday, Tuesday Book Talk on Tuesday, and Ten of Fire (Wands) on Thursday.
  • Finish Margie Lawsonโ€™s Deep EDITS lesson packets. Not yet.


  • A minimum of 8 books to stay on track for 100 books this year. Yep. Crazy for Cowboy by Roxy Boroughs, Her Immortal Love by Diana Castle, and Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin, Book 4) by Jennifer Estep (I know, a bit of a contradiction to my Tuesday post but I had to read this baby as soon as it arrived in the mail) read this week.
  • Update Goodreads at least every other week. Yep, did this yesterday, even fixed the widget here on the blog.

Support/Social Media:

  • Visit and comment on 5 blogs, at least three times per week, for a total of 15 blogs each week. Only 10 this week but I’m giving it the green because it’s more than half.
  • One non-blog related post per week on Facebook and Twitter. Yep, on both Facebook and Twitter this week.
  • One share, re-tweet, whatnot per week on Facebook and Twitter. Yep, on Facebook. No, on Twitter.

Non-Writery Stuff:

  • Exercise three times per week. Yep, I got out with Beastie Girl twice and did yoga once.
  • Complete The 30-day Diabetes Cure in April. I’m up to day 10, a little behind, but am feeling really good about it, except for those darn fast carbs.
  • Family day, no working and time with family, one day per week. Yep.

Pets the GREEN.

How was your week?

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