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Hiking in Cave CanyonThe other day, Mum and Dad packed the pups and me into the car. I still don’t trust car rides but Mum assured me we weren’t going to that nasty place for shots.

We went hiking!

Mum oohed and aawed about the view.

Me, I was more interested in the horse poop on the trail and herding the pups in the right direction.

See that little bit of white in the middle of the picture? That’s where we started.

I’m not a mountain goat!

Aust Shep playing Mtn GoatBut apparently, SOME dogs (not that I’m saying I am a dog, mind you) ARE mountain goats!

Do see her?

She’s half-way up a cliff face! Her human couldn’t even follow.

While watching that Austrian Shepard, it seemed like a good time for a break. Mum handed out water and snacks to the pups and poured me a nice bowl of water.

I don’t think Dad trusted me NOT to go after that Aussie :shakes head:

Water Break

What would hiking be without someone getting hurt?


I didn’t do it. Honest. The pups didn’t either. I was watching them.

No, Mum slipped climbing out of a wash. She said, “Loose limestone plus the wrong foot gear equaled ouch.”

I’m really glad I have four feet!

View from Echo Canyon

I’d never been hiking before. Have you?

What’s your favorite dog friendly hiking spot?