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Have you ever been to a Bucket List party?

One of my co-workers went to a Bucket List party recently and we’ve been talking about our bucket lists around the water cooler (yeah, we actually have one). I thought it was a rather cool idea.

So, let’s have a virtual one!

The buffet is to your left. The beer and pop are in the cooler by the patio door. Wine is on the counter. Help yourself. Pull up a seat. Who knows, we might find something to add to our lists 😀

In no particular order, my top ten bucket list items:

  1. Go on a honeymoon with That Man. Believe it or not, we never got around to it.
  2. Extensively travel Scotland, Wales, and England. I want to trace my family trees.
  3. Learn Scots Gaelic.
  4. Cruise across the Atlantic and come into New York. I want to see the Statue of Liberty from the deck of a ship.
  5. Actually learn Belly Dancing. Not the thing I call belly dancing, LOL
  6. Become a published author.
  7. Write a letter to each of the wee beasties telling them about my life and the lessons learned.
  8. Create and maintain a Happiness project.
  9. Get all of the wee beasties’ scrapbook albums done before they graduate high school. (I better get on this one! Oldest only has four more years.)
  10. Actually meet, in real life, all the amazing people I’ve met online!

What’s on your bucket list?