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  • Morning Pages for a minimum of 250 words or half hour, whichever comes first, every day. Ha! I got in 910 words over two days. Yay, writing.
  • Fiction, either 250 new words (new or existing WIP) or 1 hour of editing each week. Not yet.
  • Post three times a week here on the blog. Yep. We had a pretty basic ROW80 Update on Sunday, a Bucket List Party on Tuesday, and the final numbered Minor Arcana card Ten of Air (Swords) on Thursday.


  • A minimum of 8 books to stay on track for 100 books this year. I wrapped up Two Days of a Dream by Kathryn Gilmore. I’m still plugging away at Susan Kay’s Phantom. I have a paperback edition and am finding it easier to read on eReaders at work thus little progress here yet.
  • Update Goodreads at least every other week. Yep.

Support/Social Media:

  • Visit and comment on 5 blogs, at least three times per week, for a total of 15 blogs each week. Sadly, only got around to 4 this week.
  • One non-blog related post per week on Facebook and Twitter. Ha! I actually did tweet last night. I commented on a couple Facebook posts but didn’t actually post anything myself.
  • One share, re-tweet, whatnot per week on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, yes. Twitter, no.

Non-Writery Stuff:

  • Exercise three times per week. The knee is much better…wheee. I got out with Beastie Girl twice and got in two mini-yoga sessions.
  • Complete The 30-day Diabetes Cure in April. COMPLETE. Some points:
    • Cutting the sugar out was easier than I expected it to be. Perhaps due to already cutting it back substantially.
    • Adding in the specific yoga moves/positions was quite easy on the days I actually DID yoga. (And I realized I haven’t reported my yoga days very accurately here thus far. I will aim to do better with reporting. I think it’s because I don’t look at yoga as exercise, LOL)
    • Eliminating the ‘fast carbs’ (breads, pasta, etc.) was impossible for me. I was able to reduce but not eliminate.
    • Eliminating HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). It is in EVERYTHING. I’d say I managed to cut out 80-85% from our diet though.
    • Hardest thing — not getting to have birthday cake on my birthday!

    Overall, I highly recommend doing this!

  • Family day, no working and time with family, one day per week. Yep.

How was your week?

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