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Generally, all Pages:

  • Learning, Wondering, Beginning.
  • Express the Earth aspect of their suit, or element.
  • Correspond to the Tens.
  • Symbolize the student, apprentice, or servant.
  • Serve as a catalyst of change.
  • For additional info on the Children check out Tarot Elements’ post: Pages and Princesses.

What I See:

Gaian-Tarot-Child-WaterI love the sense of wonder I get looking at this image. I remember being that little girl standing in the cold water seeing my first starfish. Light is dancing on the water making the rocks and shells almost look like jewels. I can hear the waves rippling around her. I can smell the musty scent you only encounter by the ocean. I can taste the salt in the air.

Who am I kidding? I’m ready to run away to the beach, LOL.

General Water element/Cups suit:

Please refer back to the Ace of Water

Light (upright) Reading:

Embrace your emotions and imagination/dreams.

  • Keywords: Sympathetic, Tender, Intuitive, Aesthetic, or Affectionate.

Shadow (upside down or reverse) Reading:

Beware of being oversensitive.

  • Keywords: Naive, Indolent, Promiscuous, Fluffy-Bunny, or Daydreaming.


Perhaps a family vacation. A first trip to the ocean. Or maybe, weave your story around an ocean biologist. An Eco-terrorist? What about a beach clean-up group?

How about a retelling of Atlantis, or some other underwater society? Perhaps your MC can talk to the marine animals.

Water is the emotional element, perhaps your MC is experiencing first love. Or maybe they’ve been disappointed by love? Perhaps that child is your MC’s inner child.

  • Child Themes: Curiosity, Hope, Innocence, Opening, Trust, Beginnings, Novelty, Growth, Study, or Apprenticeship.


“I imagine a life filled with love, art, and spirituality.” ~Joanna Powell Colbert

  • Suit Archetype/Feudal Class: Clergy and Priestly class.

MBTI:  INFP (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving)

The nine-point personality enneagram can also be useful for character building.

Children/Pages/Princesses are E9: Mediator, Peacemaker, and/or Preservationist

  • Self Image — I am content
  • Passion — Indolence, Laziness, or Accidia
  • Virtue — Diligence
  • Narcissistic Trap — Self-abasement
  • Avoids — Conflict
  • Speaking Style — Monotonous or Rambling

E9 people are instinctive, spontaneous, and intuitive. Their “gut” feeling is the center of their awareness. They are often direct or territorial. They are concerned with power, ruled by aggression, and may be troubled by self-doubt or self-blame.

Additionally, look up one of the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) for personality traits.

  • Careers: Student of the Arts and Humanities, Social Work, Healer, Psychic, Puppetry, Writing and Poetry, Acting, Non-Profit Organizations, Volunteer Services, and Design Student.
  • Recreation: Surfing, Scuba-Diving, Swimming, Yoga, Gymnastics, and Anything fun which enables them to find emotional release.

Image: Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert from Llewellyn Worldwide