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ROW80LogoIn the spirit of Kait Nolan’s Fix Your Focus post from last Round, I’m not going to beat myself up for a less than stellar Round.

I DID write on my Morning Pages for a total of 7948 words over the course of the Round. That works out to an average of 115 words per day. Definitely plan to strive for my 250 words per day goal next Round.

I DID maintain my posting schedule for the majority of the Round.

I BLEW my reading goal out of the water with a total of 22 books read this Round.

I DID update Goodreads within my goal guidelines.

The Support/Social Media goal was more miss than hit this Round. Definitely going back on the goal list next Round!

The regular exercise goal alluded me. I had some great weeks and some epic fail weeks. Definitely another goal to continue working towards next Round.

I COMPLETED The 30-day Diabetes Cure in April.

I KEPT a FAMILY day each week (hence the word count above was averaged over 69 days, not 80).

I WAS HIRED for a JOB I’m absolutely loving with a company that is ah-mazing.

Beasties #2 and #3 won awards for PERFECT ATTENDANCE which included a $25 gift certificate. Way to go boys!

Beastie #1 is moving on to HIGH SCHOOL. Gasp!

Beastie #2 is moving on to MIDDLE SCHOOL. Double Gasp!

Beasties #3 and #4 are moving on to their next grade level within ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

We had a visit from That Man’s mum and brother.

How did the second quarter of the year go for you?

I’ll see you next Round. You can find and support other ROWers here.