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My very first smartphone. :pets the pretty:


I know, I know. I’ve been under a rock. However, I couldn’t justify the expense when I was home with unlimited computer access. Now, with the new job and the wee beasties going to three different schools in the fall and the fact we ditched the land line years ago, was the time to look at our needs and compare service providers.

Once oldest wee beastie’s new phone arrives I’ll get everything activated and numbers ported, yada, yada, yada. Of course, my phone bill is doubling but so is the number of lines on the account. Sigh.

Let’s talk apps…What are some of your favorites?

On to the summary part of today’s post.

  • Morning Pages: 992 words.
  • Fiction = about an hour of brainstorming.
  • Posting: Sunday was Video I Love: Trains, Tuesday was Are Trains Romantic?, and Thursday we meet the Explorer of Air.
  • Reading: Sindulgence by Christelle Mirin & Rhiannon Neeley (a May-December romance with the woman being older, go girl), Three to Tango by Chloe Cole & L.C. Chase, Still by Ann Mayburn (and when the heck is book two coming out?!), and Swan by Katherine Hole. I also updated Goodreads.
  • Social Media: (one of the main reasons for the new phone :pets the pretty:) Angela Wallace hijacked Facebook for a few days and I lined up some tweets as part of that.