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Let’s talk books!

Just Read

Hounds of Autumn by Heather Blackwood

Why I picked it up: I think I saw this for free somewhere. I liked the blurb and, billed as steampunk, it seemed worth a try.

What I liked: I enjoyed the voice, the mystery, and the light steampunk flavor. The lead was well developed and the secondary characters were developed within the 1st person point of view. Nice set up and execution of the premise.

What I disliked: Nothing really comes to mind. This was the first work I’d read by Ms. Blackwood and I enjoyed it enough to look for other work by her.


Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery (Out of Time #1) by Monique Martin

Why I picked it up: Again, I think I saw it for free somewhere. It was the Time-Travel that drew me in, though.

What I like: I thoroughly enjoyed the story line. Very fish-out-of-water. I liked how each of the main characters brought strengths and weaknesses to their partnership. All the characters were three-denominational. This had a satisfying ending so stands alone, yet there is a sense of continuing adventures should the reader wish to follow the Hero and Heroine.

What I dislike: There were a few point of view changes that felt abrupt, if not out-right head hops. Hopefully, an issue the author has corrected going forward with the series. The author also did an amazing amount of research into the time period the Hero and Heroine are dumped into but some of it came out in small (a paragraph or two, tops) info dumps. While this was frustrating, it didn’t pull me from the story.

Will Read

That is a really good question. I’m an emotional reader and, while I’ll read anything, I’m finding I’m starting and stopping more than finishing. All that tells me is I’m hitting a slow down period in my reading. So, feel free to toss out recommendations 😀

What are you reading and loving at the moment?