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3 of PentaclesWith the new smartphone comes apps. One of my new favorites is Galaxy Tarot. I found it on Google Play but I’m sure it can be found elsewhere.


The card of the day feature has become a staple of my day. Like a horoscope, the card of the day may offer insight into your life. Or be a great way to learn the cards. Or just for kicks and giggles.

I opted for both upright and reverse cards and have been impressed with the variety.

3 of Pentacles Interpretation
When you click through to the next screen you see the keywords. As you can see, this was the Three of Pentacles with listed keywords of “assistance, contribution, teamwork, apprenticeship, employment, and commitment.”

Below the keywords is a button to click through to the card’s interpretation. Sometimes this is just a paragraph or two while others can be quite involved.
3 of Pentacles Associations
You can continue on to the card’s associations. Here you can learn more about the suit, numerology, and symbols.


Beyond this fun feature is an encyclopedia full of goodness. You can go straight to any card you’d like more info on. Or you can browse the cards by suit or number or symbol. The free app even includes three spreads, though you can’t save them.

Not bad for a free download, is it?

But wait, there’s more. There is a Pro version I fully intend to pick up in the near future. The Pro version offers six extra themes, nine more spreads plus the ability to save to your SD card, and a more detailed encyclopedia including:  element, planet, Zodiac, Chakra, color, rune, and I Ching. And the ability to make and save notes about the cards and spreads.

Not bad for five bucks, is it?

Just plain fun?

What do you think? Is this another tool in the ol’ writer’s toolbox?