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And the lead role will be played by…

Actually, casting, for the non-knitters, is the process by which we get the initial stitches on the needles. And I learned a new method for this project.

I could have used my ol’ stand-by, the method I learned at my mum’s knee when I was about 5, but I’m all for learning new stuff. The instructor recommended this other method. Of course, I had to Google it, LOL.

And of course, YouTube had a video.

It was rather easy once I got the rhythm down. It gives a smoother finish than my ol’ stand-by.

However, I’m awful at casting on stitches, LOL. I have a pretty loose gauge when I knit but I always, always cast on too tight. One trick I’ve done for years is to cast on to larger needles. Usually works. This project is on circular needles. I tore my stitches out more times than I’ll admit here. Only once because I decided to do the larger version of the project. :hangs head: I blame it on my perfectionism. Yeah, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Thankfully, this ribbing is doubled so the less than stellar casting job is hidden in the finished product.

The ribbing, for the non-knitters, is the pattern on cuffs and necks of probably every sweater you have in your dresser. It gives knitwear that elastic-like fit.


The boys joked it is a fancy new collar for Beastie Girl. I’m sure it’s a hat…yeah, like I’m ever gonna wear a HAT here. BFF don’t look now but I think I’m working on your Christmas present 😀