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ROW80LogoWow. I can’t believe we’re wrapping up another round already. So how did I do?


  • Morning Pages for a minimum of 250 words or half hour, whichever comes first, 6 days per week. I’m calling this one a win. There was only one true failure over the course of the Round.
  • Fiction, at least an hour each week. It can be brainstorming, plotting, writing, or editing. This one, I’m marking as “needs improvement.” I refuse to take it down, after all this is WHY I’m doing what I’m doing, right?
  • Post three times a week here on the blog. Definitely a win.


  • A minimum of 10 books to stay on track for 100 books this year. Yes, I squeaked out that 10th one just this week.
  • Update Goodreads at least every other week. Well, I updated, just not well enough to call this a win.

Support/Social Media:

  • Visit and comment on at least 12 blogs each week. I’m calling this a win. I met or exceeded this goal all but two weeks.
  • One non-blog related post per week on Facebook and Twitter.
  • One share, re-tweet, whatnot per week on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m calling the non-blog post and share goals wins. I managed at least one of each all but two weeks this Round. However, “needs improvement” also applies as I didn’t do BOTH Twitter and Facebook consistently, which was the main purpose of the goals.

Non-Writery Stuff:

  • Exercise three times per week. Definitely marking this as “needs improvement.”
  • Family day, no working and time with family, one day per week. I’m calling this a win.
  • Allow myself an hour each week for me time. This was about a 50% success rate. Enough to call it a win with a “needs improvement” notation.

Not to bad. And it looks like I have some clear areas for next Round.

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