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Which I guess is a better title than “This and That” 😀

The Mystery Knit

I really had planned to post a finished project by the end of the month. After all this was a September Mystery Knit. However, this got set aside when kid activities overwhelmed me.

The picture shows one working of the complete pattern. I have one more complete pattern set to go before the finishing steps.

This will be a beret when I finally get around to completing it. Definitely BFF’s Christmas present!


Coyote Con

:pets the pretty:

Isn’t that an awesome badge? There’s a new header over on the Coyote Con site too. The chat rooms are up. The Welcome chat is Friday.

Coyote Con is completely free — hope to see you there!

As part of Coyote Con, I’m doing three live tarot spread workshops. This will require attendees to have access to card images. Notice the new page up there in the header? A Meet the Tarot Cards reference page to make the locating of cards easier.



We’re still on a break from ROW80 but I don’t want to get completely out of the habit of accountability here. So a mini check-in.

  • Morning Pages (250 words or half an hour, whichever comes first, six days a week) = 881 words/3 days
  • Fiction (at least an hour per week) = I did some brainstorming yesterday, 45 minutes AND wrote 562 words
  • Reading = I finished Her Husband’s Harlot by Grace Callaway
  • Blog visiting/commenting = 14
  • Social Media = :laughs hysterically: Social Media, what’s social media? I haven’t even opened Facebook all week. I tweeted once this week when I wasn’t sure my post would go live when it was supposed to. But I haven’t looked at Twitter all week either.