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Our prompt today — 10 chores we hate the most.


  1. Cleaning the toilets! Male dominated house.
  2. Cleaning the floors around said toilets, for the same reason.
  3. Cleaning the tub/showers.
  4. Cleaning out the car/van. I don’t know if it’s my male dominated riders (and driver :cough: That Man) or kids in general but ugh.
  5. Cleaning out the refrigerator/freezer. No matter how often I do this I encounter a science experiment or two.
  6. Washing the fingerprints off the walls.
  7. Keeping our “hot spots” tidy. Y’all know those areas that seem to gather the random stuff. For us it’s the alcove by the front door, the kitchen table, the small counter by the coffee pot, and the guest bedroom bed.
  8. Vacuuming the stairs. For a quick clean-up I sweep them, LOL.
  9. Filing. Bills come in, bills get paid, all the paper accompanying then gets left on the computer desk. Though admittedly, this is less and less as we’ve gone green.
  10. Playing IT guy for the computers.

It’s more resigned than hated. And I had to reach there at the end as only the first three on this list truly bug me.

Your turn. Inquiring minds must know.

What chores do you hate?