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Let’s talk books!

Just Read

The Power of Three by Kate Pearce

Why I picked it up: Because I’m a sucker for menages. Plus the premise of the people on this world creating triad relationships.

What I liked: The sex was steamy, and plenty. The “second male” bowing to the “first male” felt fairly realistic. His disgust growing to acceptance to outright love/lust. The relationship between the woman and “second male” was believable in that “Shit, we’re still alive” way. There wasn’t any real jealousy when she’s brought home though, and that seemed a bit hard to believe even with both men searching for their third.

What I disliked: Supposedly set on a different world, it could have been set in the middle of any city. There was no real worldbuilding. But I was most frustrated with the dialogue and narrative that came across as too modern day Earth, or a poor Battlestar Galactica rip-off.


Gimme Back My Clothes by Anna Hales Owen

Why I picked it up: It sounded cute. Hot guy thrown into crazy-town dressed as a nerd.

What I liked: There was some cute moments. A few chuckles. The secondary characters often stole the show. It was a pleasant read for an afternoon.

What I disliked: I had a hard time believing the hero. He was a hero in witness protection and, like Christopher Reeve’s Superman, glasses and a pocket protector don’t disguise the yummy bod beneath.

Will Read

The Goddess Letters by Vicki Matthews

Why I picked this up: This was recommended but I can’t remember by who. It was sitting on my wishlist for awhile so I grabbed up while weeding through said wishlist.

What I expect to like: The mythological aspects.

What I expect to dislike: I can’t think of anything as I’ve not read anything by Ms. Matthews before.

  • And I’m looking forward to The Wolf Gift and The Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice. I have the first already on my Kindle and with the second coming out next week, well, Ms. Matthews might just get pushed back a bit.

What are you reading and loving at the moment?