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If you had the choice between sight and hearing which would it be?

Has that question ever popped up in conversation before?

No?! Must just be a fluke of my life then because it has come up more than once.

The first time I remember that question making its way into a conversation was during a sleepover in middle school. My friend was studying sign language at the time and posed the question, during a Truth or Dare game I believe.

Even back then I answered SIGHT.

And I haven’t changed my answer over the years.

I don’t think of myself as a visual learner but my favorite pastimes are definitely visual. Back then it was mostly reading and knitting and occasionally cross-stitch. Baking and cooking, drawing, painting, and photography joined the mix in high school, though the drawing and painting stayed in high school. As an adult scrapbooking and card-making and occasionally sawing entered. And of course there’s writing.

For my friend it was HEARING. As much as she loved reading and writing stories her heart belonged to music. Still does. For her not to be able to hear the music, to be able to hear herself sing, would be a devastating blow.

As I’ve gotten older, other things have come into play. To me there is more independence with the loss of hearing over sight. Lose your hearing, you can still drive. Lose your hearing, you can still write notes to be understood. Lose your hearing, you can still get around unaided.

If you had to chose, which sense would you want to keep and why?