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I saw this on a message board and thought it would be fun to do. Here goes:

A – Age: 47 (though I still see myself as 32)
B – Book you are reading: I’m in between books at the moment. Shocker, I know.
C – Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom
D – Dessert you love: Pie
E – Essential start your day item: Coffee or Tea
F – Favorite author/ book: Authors, too many to name. The book, however, is my beloved Phantom of the Opera.
G – Gold or silver: Both!
H – Height: 5’3″ or 4″ (it seems to vary)
I – Instruments you play: Piano and Guitar once upon a time, don’t think I could carry a tune on either now.
J – Job title: Administrative Assistant, oh and Mum
K – Kid(s): 4 boys (and one dog :cough: daughter)
L – Living arrangements: A house stretched at the seams by That Man, the wee beasties, the pet menagerie, and me.
M – Most overused word/phrase in your vocabulary: Seriously. Usually said when one of the wee beasties does something so stupid I have to question their thought process, or lack thereof.
N – Nicknames: Mum called me Pumpkin as a baby but that’s about it.
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Only as a visitor.
P – Pet Peeve: People who talk down to others.
Q- Quotes you like: You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself! ~ Doctor Who 😀
R – Right or left handed: Right
S – Siblings: 1 sister and 1 “adopted” brother
T – Time you woke up today: 4:45 AM (pass the toothpicks, please)
U – Unique thing about you: If I could be barefoot 24/7 I would, no matter the temperature.
V – Vegetable you love: Sweet baby corn
W – Worst habit: Procrastinating
X – X-rays you’ve had: Right foot, prior to surgery.
Y – Yummy food you make: It’s all yummy. Sheez.
Z – Zodiac Sign: Aries

Your turn. Please share the ABC’s of YOU in the comments 🙂