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“I’ve giv’n her all she’s got captain, an’ I canna give her no more.”

~ Scotty

AA021481Calling all computer programers, IT gurus, and all around computer savvy people!

I must update my technology. A new laptop for me. A wireless printer for the whole family. And maybe, just maybe, a new desktop for the wee beasties.

I know the sales folks will try to up sale me. I don’t mind spending more if it truly does give me more bang for my buck.

The only thing I’ve researched so far is the laptop. It must be at least 6GB, prefer 8G, and the number pad on the keyboard. I’m interested in what you think has the best, longest battery life.

  • What are your favorite brands?
  • What kind of battery life do you average with your laptop?
  • What are your favorite features?

Seriously, this inquiring mind desperately needs to know 😀