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I’m scrambling a bit to figure out what I’ll write for NaNoWriMo in T minus 18 hours, 15 minutes.

Tarot to the rescue.

Well, tarot and Diana Castle’s spreads. She has a spread, aptly named “Brainstorming,” and I played with it earlier this week, and last. Since I used my Steampunk deck, the genre of this unknown will be steampunk. I’ve never written steampunk before but what the heck, NaNoWriMo is about sending the inner editor on a month long cruise around the world.

BrainstormingThe spread is pretty basic, just draw a card for each spot.

  • Character: Knight of Wands, reversed
  • Character’s Backstory: Queen of Swords, reversed
  • Character’s Personality Type: Death
  • Character’s Goal: The Hanged Man
  • Character’s Inner Obstacle/Flaw: Five of Wands
  • Character’s Outer Obstacle/Antagonist: Two of Swords
  • The Ordinary World: The Sun, reversed
  • Call to Adventure: Seven of Cups
  • The Special World: Ace of Wands, reversed
  • Point of No Return: Nine of Swords
  • Climax: Justice, reversed
  • Resolution: The World, reversed
  • Genre: (I didn’t draw a card as I’m using the deck in general)
  • Plot Type: Three of Swords
  • Theme/Lesson Learned: The Magician, reversed
  • Major Conflict: Nine of Pentacles, reversed
  • Setting/World: Six of Swords

When looking at a spread, there’s more than just your impressions of the individual cards. Let’s look at the big picture.

I drew six Major Arcana cards (37.5% of the spread) and that tells me there are events happening beyond the hero/ine’s control.

On the other hand, I only drew two Court cards (12.5% of the spread). Court cards are people. I can play this a few different ways. Perhaps a split personality? An identity crisis? Or maybe it just means I’ll use two points of view.

Swords are the predominate suit (31.25% of the spread) with Wands coming in second.

Swords are the Airy intellectuals. Wands are Fiery initiation.

Threes and Nines are the dominate numbers we see. According to the book that came with the deck, threes focus on creativity and nurturing, while nines focus on compromise. Threes indicate a beginning while nines indicate we’re nearing the end, but not quite complete.

More of that duality 🙂

Women, at 62.5% of the spread, are represented more than men. I’m definitely leaning toward a female dominated society.

Looking at the overall color, the sepia tone stands out most to me. I think of vintage clothing and old photographs. I see more interior scenes, and shadows, making me think of night.

Despite the numbers noted above, the number four stands out to me as I look at the entire picture. We have The Hanged Man with his leg bent and the four circles. The eight (four times two) sunflowers on The Sun. We have the Ace of Wands with its four candles. The four tarot cards Justice is dropping. The four elemental signs on The World. The four gears on the Three of Swords.

What stands out to you?

Okay, I must get back to work figuring this story out. T minus 18 hours, 14 minutes…