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There has been a lot going on behind the doors of Casa de Barclay. Not THOSE doors. Get your minds out of the gutter.

We’ve reached a state of cautiously optimistic and I can share a bit now.

That Man was laid off early this summer. Corporate restructure, or some such nonsense. Probably a blessing in disguise as he was increasingly unsatisfied with the company. However, he would much rather have left on his terms.

Then the stress of our primary source of income being cut off hit.

Considering how popular That Man is within his chosen industry we thought it would be a relatively quick process. HA.

It was touch and go for awhile. One company practically hiring him without an interview, only to turn around and say the big wigs in the home office wanted to interview more people. I think it took more to recover from that than the actual layoff. Companies who’ve said over the course of his career they’d hire him in a heartbeat if ever he was available not responding to resumes. It definitely took a toll on That Man and me. Trying to keep a positive outlook on things for the wee beasties without hiding the process, including them while reevaluating priorities and budgeting and exploring options.

Angela Brown talked about the slippery floor of rejection, and That Man slip-slided his way across. He’s a bit worse for wear but, finally, he is once again gainfully employed.

Whew :wipes wrist across forehead: Clearly our Thanksgiving this year.

What are you thankful for?