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I spoke about this Weekly Planner in my Craziness post. I had to wait longer than I’d have liked for it to arrive as I ordered it along with a number of large items and didn’t rush the shipping.

The time management aspects of this planner rock. The daily grids are roomy enough for my scrawl. The goal setting and tracking pieces are perfect for me, though there is one worksheet I haven’t a clue how to use, LOL. There is even a journal section to reflect on how you did over the course of the year.

It is big. 8.5 by 11 and maybe half an inch thick (certainly not for everyone). It is also very utilitarian with a rather flimsy cover. Something I was willing to live with due to the awesomeness of the rest of it.

Then. Then Joely posted what she did to her planner!

DCWV Garden Tea Party StackWell, heck. Why hadn’t I thought of THAT? It isn’t as though I don’t have more scrapbooking supplies than a sane person should 😛

We’ll start with the paper. I had been gifted this paper a few months ago. It’s gorgeous but not the style I usually scrap in. :cough: Boys. :cough: Thus it had been hanging out in my craft closet. But it was perfect for my planner!

With all the sections in the planner, tabs were next on my list. Well, I have a Stampin’ Up Tab punch complete with pretty stamps to go with it. I dug through my paper scraps and found this beige-tan card stock that complimented the Tea papers. A brown ink pad, a sepia tone pen, and ta-da…
Stampin' Up Tabs

BookmarkAnd, of course a bookmark was a must. Again to my scraps I went, this time to my ribbon supply. I found this peachy ribbon which works with the majority of the Tea papers.

I vaguely remembered having a tea pot charm stashed away amongst my scrapbook hoard, er, collection. So digging I went. Turns out what I was remembering is actually a jewelry toggle set, tea pot and spoon. Undeterred, I attached them to the bottom of my bookmark.

Then I attached the top to the back cover of the planner and covered it with a Tea paper.

Inside Back Cover w/ Attached Bookmark

Then it was just a matter of adding Tea papers to all the blah pages and finishing off with the tabs.

Note-Journal Page

November Page

Goals Page

Completed Planner

Now, I’m looking forward to next year’s planner just so I can decorate it!!