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I don’t understand people who hurt others for kicks and giggles. I don’t understand people who hurt the elderly and children. I don’t understand people who hurt animals.

Seriously, what did that rabbit do to you?

Bugs_BunnyLet me go back. As you know, Bugs Bunny followed wee beastie #2 home last year. He was underweight from being on his own for a length of time but we fattened him up and he’s as healthy as a little bunny could be. However, he’s a wee wild.

Keeping him caged up isn’t fair to him. A couple weeks ago, with the milder temps, I decided to try him outside. I set up the top part of his cage in a corner of the backyard. He has his sleeping castle, food, and water in there. I took off the door and covered the top of the cage so the inside would stay dry (not that we get THAT much rain). This gave him the run of the back yard. It also allows him to leave the backyard if he so desires, much like an outdoor cat.

We weren’t sure what would happen.

I’m pleased to say, it’s working out beautifully. Bugs is happier and he’s friendlier.

We know he takes off to explore. He likes hanging out in the rocks of our front yard, which has caused a couple neighbors to knock on our door. “Um, did you know your rabbit is loose?” Most days, we see him in the morning before work/school, then again in the afternoons when he’s looking for food, and late at night.

About six days into this experiment we had a scare. No one remembered seeing Bugs one evening. And he wasn’t in his usual spots the next morning. I wasn’t going to panic, he knew where home was.

#2 texted me on his lunch break. Some seventh grader had been bragging on the bus, and showing pictures, of the rabbit he’d shot with his BB gun the night before. #2 didn’t know this boy so didn’t want to get too close but a glimpse of one picture lead him to believe it might be Bugs.

We had two different reactions. My son was upset that his pet might be dead. And I was there with him. However, my initial reaction was more along the lines of here’s a psychopath in the making.

Why? Why would you use an innocent animal for target practice?

I was also extremely angry this kid was shooting a gun in my neighborhood. Where’d he live in relation to us? To the park at the center of the development? Yes, it was a BB gun, but those can hurt a people as much as a larger one can.

I texted #1 wee beastie, who would get home first.

Tired BugsBugs was fine.

I called the school and left a message for the Dean. Our rabbit was fine but someone’s wasn’t. And as this happened on the bus, on the way to school, I felt the school needed to be the first point of contact. I’ll trust that if the situation warrants it, the police will be called.

We all loved on Bugs.

Another thing we’re thankful for this month.

What fur babies are you thankful for?