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and Through the Woods

to Grandmother’s House We Go

the Horse Knows the Way to Carry the Sleigh

Even if the sleigh driver insisted less miles equal less time on the road. (That’s what Mum said anyway.)

It all started one night when Mum ran up and down the stairs bringing stuff down and stacking it by the door. Then Dad loaded all the stuff in the van. It made me nervous.

The next morning Dad took Mum to work. The pups went to school. I didn’t like it. Dad came back and cleaned the house. I didn’t like it. He’s supposed to go on a walk with me, or take a nap with me.

Then the pups came home.

Dad made us all go potty and get in the van. I had to ride behind a gate. Dad called it puppy prison. (Nothing I do seems to convince my family I’m not a dog. Sigh.)

Then Dad drove us to pick up Mum. I couldn’t say hi to Mum locked away in puppy prison as I was. I didn’t like that.

They stopped for dinner. Mum took pity on me and stayed in the van. Dad brought me a cheeseburger. They still aren’t forgiven.

I broke out of puppy prison once on the trip up but I was so tired I fell asleep standing up between Mum and Dad's seats.

I broke out of puppy prison once on the trip up. I was so tired I fell asleep standing up between Mum and Dad’s seats. They seemed to think this hilarious. At least no one drew on me, wait, what’s that line…?

Then we drove.

And drove.

And drove.

And drove some more.

I tried to sleep. The pups tried to sleep. Mum and Dad drove.

All night. All day. Finally, we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They have grass. The real stuff!

Then people started arriving. Mum’s sister. The pup’s cousins. Mum’s brother. More cousins. Bruno. I’m reserving judgement on Bruno. (He’s a big black dog. Bigger than me. I didn’t like that but I smelt him in the house so I suppose I must accept him.)

After that it was a little like home.

Dad took us to Nana and Papa’s house. Papa ignored me, I barked at him (okay, so sometimes I’m a little, just a little mind you, dog-like), and Dad put me in the van. I don’t like time-outs.

Just as I was getting used to this new place, Mum and Dad did it all again. Mum packed things up and Dad loaded the van. Groan.

Back to puppy prison. Back to driving all night. Back to driving all day. Finally, we arrived home.

I’m exhausted.

They want to do it again…!