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ToT-ButtonTen on Tuesday topic for 12/17 is 10 Cultural Traditions You Observe For The Holidays. If you don’t have a cultural or ethnic connection then you could just do 10 Traditions You Observe For The Holidays.

  1. Decorating:
    1. Outside lights go up the Friday after Thanksgiving
    2. Tree is hunted down…er, selected and decorated the first full weekend in December
    3. Stockings are hung Christmas Eve
    4. Everything comes down New Year’s Day (I have to have something to do while the boys are getting their sports fix…yeah, very tongue in cheek that.)
  2. Baking: it isn’t Christmas until I’ve baked, and eaten, at least one batch of Butter Tarts (you can find the recipe on Maria Zannini’s blog as part of her DIY Christmas last year)
  3. Reading: 
  4. Music: I play it progressively more throughout December to the point Christmas music is playing 24/7 by the 23rd (wee beasties hate this, the heathens)
  5. Movies: I watch as many sappy Christmas movies as I can get away with (my house o’ males roll their eyes, switch the TV to ESPN, suddenly need me to take them somewhere…)
  6. Eggnog with a jigger of White Christmas (I’ve been unsuccessful in locating this holiday must since moving the Nevada…That Man stocked me up while we were in Oregon, my hero!)
  7. Turkey for Christmas dinner
  8. Yule Log, when we had a fireplace
  9. Oidche Choinnle (Night of Candles in Scots Gaelic): we put a candle in our front window to light the way of “strangers.” (I’d have to look up the tradition to see what night it was traditionally done, we do it Christmas Eve.)
  10. We try one new thing each year, be that a food or an activity or mindset.

Lang may yir lum reek wi ither fowk’s coal

Long may your chimney smoke with other folk’s coal.
In other words, a wish for a long life full of friends.

And my wish for you!