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ROW80LogoYep, it’s that time again. Round One of ROW80, the writing challenge that knows you have a life, starts tomorrow. Thus today is goal day.

I have a lot of goals for 2014, most of which I won’t list here for various reasons. 2014 needs to be a year of accomplishments. I have big dreams 😀

In trying to pin down my goals for this year I’ve taken notes from fellow ROWer Shan Jeniah which worked great for the big picture. However, since I try to maintain the wee beasties and That Man’s privacy, it isn’t a format for the ol’ blog. Then there’s ROWer Julie Glover who keeps things short and sweet. I was tempted to follow her lead. In the end, I decided to change things up by following Nicole of Book-Wyrm Knits.

Year Long Goals

  • I have once again registered on Goodreads to read 100 books. However, this may change as I plan to put writing before reading this year.
  • Lose 50 pounds. I slacked off the last part of 2013, ’nuff said.

Quarter Long (AKA ROW80) Goals

  • Draft and Edit the Steampunk story I attempted for NaNo 2013. Oh, and figure out a title.
        Rough goal of drafting 6 chapters per week in January.
        Rough goal of editing 6 chapters per week in February.
        With an aim to get out to Beta Readers in March.

    Here’s the blurb:

    Quiet computer geek, Brie, has spent her entire life living in her outgoing twin sister’s shadow. When a vortex dumps Brie on a world where men are property and she’s saddled with a “love slave” the Sovereign ordered her to choose, she learns just how similar she is to her twin after all. Brie teams up with Claude to free the men. Brie’s just worried she’ll lose her heart in the process.

    Claude has managed to avoid the final step of the Sovereign’s call the two decades he’s been eligible. On the eve of his fortieth birthday, the day that would have freed him for the rest of his life, he finds himself lined up and chosen. Claude can’t help but wonder if his support of men’s rights tipped the scales of chance against him. His new master, an other-worlder, isn’t what Claude expected but rather a kindred supporter of equality. Could she be who he’s dreamed of?

  • Read Who Are You in the Tarot? by Mary K. Greer and do the applicable exercises.

Monthly Goals

  • Read, at least, one paper book. With the ease of carrying my eReaders around my poor paper books have been neglected.
  • At least, one date night with That Man.

Weekly Goals:

  • Spend a minimum of 3 hours per week on writing.
  • Maintain 3 blog posts per week.
  • Visit and comment on at least 12 blogs per week, 3 of which HAVE to be ROW80 blogs.
  • Connect on Facebook and Twitter with, at least, one non-blog post or share per week.
  • Maintain books read on Goodreads.
  • Exercise 3 times per week.

You can find and support other ROWers HERE.

What are you looking forward to this first quarter of 2014?