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Last year I discovered the idea of picking a word for the year. A word for all areas of life. A word to strive for all year long. A theme.

My theme for last year was BALANCE. While I feel I fell short of balancing work and family, I do feel more balanced overall and therefore call it a success.

How do you find your one word?

Well, first off, there are no rules. The word doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone but you. It can be the acronym of a phrase. It can be an action or a thought or an emotion.

Think of the challenges you faced last year, or you may face this year. Is there a word that could be the theme of your year?

The idea is for the word you choose to be more than a goal, more of a way you identify yourself, and thus, a guiding light for your efforts. The word should remind you DAILY to take action.

This was a tough one for me this year. What one word reflected all the areas of my life I want to see change?

2014 is full of new opportunities  for us as a family and I want to grab hold of as many of those as possible.

2014 is also a year I need to see progress in my health and writing goals.

Tenacity-Amelia Earhart

The goals, the decisions, are written down…

My theme for this year is TENACITY. And, yes, I have printed that out. I’m taping it to my computer (both home and office), my bathroom mirror, and my refrigerator.

It’s the spark.

Invite the word into your life. Live with it. Let it speak to you. Follow where it leads.

What is the one word you want to represent your year?