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Yesterday was one of those days where you roll out of bed and immediately want to roll right back in.

I woke up late. Late enough that by the time I got my coffee and made sure wee beastie #1 was up, I’d lost a half hour.

Silver Lining:  late for me is still the crack of crazy for most people.

I had a lot of football running around to do with wee beastie #2 before his practice plus picking up wee beastie #3 from choir practice.

Silver Lining:  received a text from the team mum saying practice had been pushed back half an hour.

Double Silver Lining:  work was quiet and I was caught up which enabled me to leave an hour early.

I arrived at the school to pick up #3 and, because I had a few minutes to wait before choir ended, actually parked in the lot rather than the loading zone.

That became a Silver Lining when I returned to the car, kiddo in hand, and the car wouldn’t start!

Silver Lining:  the school is just under two miles from home. A walk I don’t let the wee beasties do on their own.

The pre-practice running around shelved for the day, wee beastie #3 and I started walking toward home. Sans the four-inch heels I’d worn to work. (Time to start carrying flats in the car again, LOL) And even there is a Silver Lining in that it isn’t hot enough yet that walking barefoot will give you first degree burns (I wish I was kidding about that).

I called wee beastie #2 and told him to grab his gear and start walking toward practice. Oh, and grab me some shoes. We met up and I watched wee beastie #3 enter our neighborhood. Then #2 and I walked to football practice. (I just Googled the path, works out to 3.4 miles for me and 2.1 miles for wee beastie #2. Yeah, a freakin’ long walk.)

We made it with 5 minutes to spare because of the Silver Linings:  me getting off early and practice moving a half hour later.

Double Silver Lining:  I got my exercise in for the day! (I’m paying for it this morning though, LOL)

That Man met us at the football field and, after dropping #2 off at home, we went to see what we could about the car. He’s hoping it is just the timing belt but we noticed the car is also leaking oil. We’ll find out the damage later today.

Silver Lining:  AAA. Seriously. That Man had insisted I get a membership the first road trip I made to Oregon without him. I’ve since upgraded to the Plus membership which grants more towing miles. Considering the issues we’ve had with this poor car, the membership has more than paid for itself. Anyway, the extra towing meant we didn’t have any out of pocket to tow the car to our preferred mechanic.

Yet another Silver Lining, we received our tax refund and, while those funds were earmarked for a move, they couldn’t have hit our bank at a better time.

Sometimes Silver Linings are so thin you can only see them in retrospect. Other times they jump out at you.

I’m really thankful of those Silver Linings on a day that felt like a full moon on top of the apocalypse.

What Silver Lining has blessed you recently?