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We had a late night last night with football practice then a homework project needing to be completed for school today. I don’t have anything sitting in the queue and thought today would be a wash.

Then, while getting ready for work this morning, I heard this…

And it put a huge smile on my face.

Sound is one of those triggers that invokes memories. I have nothing but great memories where this song is concerned.

Childhood Christmases were spent with my dad’s sister and her family, some years at our house while others at theirs. There were five of us kids. Each year presented us with the challenge of what we would do. Some years we were rock band. We’d practice and practice our dance moves and lip-syncing to whatever songs we’d chosen for our concert.

This was one of them.

This was from the year my sister sang rather than lip-synced and will forever be HOTBEAT in our minds.

Do you have a fun song memory to share?