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There isn’t a springy bone in my body this morning. I do not like the whole Day-Light Savings thing the Powers-That-Be force upon us. It messes up my sleep. It messes up my appetite. It messes up my schedule. No, I do not like this Day-Light Savings thing. (Channeling Dr. Seuss?)

We picked up the old broken car yesterday. It’s a rather sad addition to the garage at this point. It served us well for over thirteen years. It just never made a smooth transition to desert living.

In other news, I took a mental break this week. With all the running around and juggling of schedules and “purge and pack” there just wasn’t anything left for writing focus. And football games start Saturday, thus the balance of this Round will likely be more miss than hit. I’m okay with that because family will always come first.

ROW80LogoYearly Goals

  • I have once again registered on Goodreads to read 100 books. However, this may change as I plan to put writing before reading this year. – On Target.
  • Lose 50 pounds. I slacked off the last part of 2013, ’nuff said. – Nothing to report.

Quarterly (AKA ROW80) Goals

  • Draft the Steampunk story I attempted for NaNo 2013. Oh, and figure out a title. – This isn’t happening this Round. I haven’t been able to stay in the zone long enough to do justice to this story, even allowing for a crappy first draft. Nor have I been able to brainstorm any titles yet.
  • Read Who Are You in the Tarot? by Mary K. Greer and do the applicable exercises. – Read two chapters, no exercises yet.

Monthly Goals

  • Read, at least, one paper book. With the ease of carrying my eReaders around my poor paper books have been neglected. – Goal attained for January. Read Desire’s Edge by Eden Bradley writing as Eve Berlin. Goal attained for February. Read A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.
  • At least, one date night with That Man. – Goal attained for January. Goal attained for February.

Weekly Goals:

  • Spend a minimum of 3 hours per week on writing. – Not attained.
  • Maintain 3 blog posts per week. – Not attained.
  • Visit and comment on at least 12 blogs per week, 3 of which HAVE to be ROW80 blogs. – Target attained (13/5 ROW blogs).
  • Connect on Facebook and Twitter with, at least, one non-blog post or share per week. – Not attained.
  • Maintain books read on Goodreads. – Target attained.
  • Exercise 3 times per week. – Not attained.

You can find and support other ROWers HERE.

I’m reading back over this, and it comes across kinda doom and gloom, however, I’m excited about the process of finding our family a home that fits our needs better. I’m excited about the opportunities opening up for us financially. But yes, I’m also reevaluating whether I have the drive to continue this writing dream.

I love the ROW80 challenge and the supportive group of people involved but I will be stepping away from Round Two.