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I’m proud of my Scottish ancestry, to the point of eye-rolling according to the wee beasties, and I wholly support any event that celebrates that. I went to the Las Vegas Celtic Gathering and Highland Games yesterday.

Perhaps it’s because I went alone.

Perhaps it’s because with “games” in the heading I expected, well, games.

Perhaps I’m spoiled, and likely bias, but the Portland Highland games are much better. In fact, I highly recommend if you find yourself in Portland, Oregon on the third Saturday of July that you make your way to Mount Hood Community College and enjoy a taste of Scotland.

Clan and vendor presence is about equal between the two events. The music, as in bands and singers on a stage, is probably better at the Las Vegas event. However, the marching bands are probably better at the Portland event.

The Portland games are very sports oriented. There are more dancing, piping, and drumming competition stages at the Portland event.

The Las Vegas event includes street parties on Freemont Street Friday and Saturday nights and the Gathering/Games goes on for two days. The Portland event only happens the one day and is followed by the Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee).

I used to be a contributing sponsor of the Portland games and regularly volunteered. I’d hoped to become similarly active in the Las Vegas organization yet yesterday left me feeling blah.

Kilts, I promised you kilts. Enjoy 😉

Wicked Tinkers1
Wicked Tinkers2
Wicked Tinkers3

Caber Toss

Caber Toss


The Ladies

The Ladies Throwing the Weights


I couldn’t resist :snicker: