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Let’s talk books!

Just Read

Relentless, Pieces of You, and Bring Me Home by Cassia Leo

Why I picked it up: The first one was a freebie from somewhere and I was sucked in enough to grab up the other two. The first one can stand alone to a degree but the others don’t, at least for me. (Note: there’s a fourth book, Abandon, featuring secondary characters.)

What I liked: This one falls under the Young Adult genre and I think it delivers nicely. The characters are all late teens/early twenties when the story opens. There’s not much I can say about this trilogy without spoilers. The story centers around Claire. Claire has been dealt a crappy hand. She has two men who save her in different ways. It tugs at all the right heartstrings for me.

What I disliked: While I understand the need for multiple POV characters, especially in the third book, I felt it drew away from the central arc of the story a bit. I would have preferred the POV limited to Claire, Chris, and Adam.

Just Read (because I’m in between books at the time of posting this)

Iced by Karen Marie Moning

Why I picked it up: Moning is an auto buy for me. This is the first of the Fever series spin-off featuring Dani O’Malley, the spunkiest 14 to ever walk the fictional universe.

What I liked: It had everything I expected from Moning and the Fever world. Dani is a breath of fresh air character, though I suspect I’d be grayer, and probably bald, if I was her parent. We see poor Christian again, even get his POV, and I want to root for him because of who he is. The mysterious Ryodan is back and simply because of his relationship with Barrons I want to root for him. And we get to know Dancer who is so good for Dani you can’t help but hope he comes out on top. All in all, an awesome addition the series/world.

What I disliked: Moning is notorious for her cliff-hanger endings in the Fever series and this was no different. With Moning’s firm one book per year stance, I waited as long as I could to read this. (Book 2, Burned, is available for pre-order, coming out January 2015.) I will say there’s a bit of an ick factor in Ryodan and Christian’s fixation on Dani (IE: Adults lusting after a teen), but I trust Moning.

Will Read

Pagan Fire by Teri Barnett

Why I picked this up: The title actually drew me in on this one. Then the back blurb hooked me.

What I expect to like: The Celtic mythology.

What I expect to dislike: I’m a little worried about the mixed reviews I’ve seen, after I picked it up. Probably why this wasn’t the next thing I read back in December.

What are you reading and loving at the moment?