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Allow me to preface this experiment a bit. My mum is a nurse by trade and a supporter of holistic medicine and a firm believer that most illness can be controlled, if not cured, by diet. A few years ago she came across the Wheat Belly books by William Davis, MD. After reading the books and conducting her independent research, she went wheat free at home.

Their results were amazing.

Mum had struggled with Thyroid issues most of her adult life and this leveled her numbers. She also dropped almost 100 pounds. Go Mum!

My dad no longer needs any kind of meds to manage his diabetes.

To say my parents have a new lease on life is an understatement. Inspirational too.

Now, a one of the foods the blood type diet says to avoid, for my blood type, in order to lose weight is wheat.

Well, Mum had sent me the Wheat Belly Cookbook and Cooking with Coconut Flour (by Bruce Fife, MD) but it wasn’t until Sprouts opened near me that I figured it was time, long overdue, to give this whole wheat free thing a try.

I stocked up on about half the recommended pantry items for a wheat free kitchen and cracked open the cookbooks. My first attempt:

GF MuffinsMuffins.

The recipes make six muffins each so I made Blueberry and Carrot Nut.

I did substitute the butter with olive oil because the blood type diet also recommends I avoid dairy to lose weight. Though I did keep the eggs – that’s an experiment for another day! (And a word to the wise, make sure you have a shifter because shifting the coconut flour by hand is a time-consuming task.)

The results:  Yum.