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Do you remember last year? And what Mum and Dad and the pups put me through?

Well I do. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that again.


I’m still mad at Mum and Dad and the Pups for leaving me and my puppy brother with a sitter.


I’m beside myself with joy. Mum and Dad and the Pups are home!


I ran in circles and gave kisses and barked. (Shh, sometimes I can’t help it.)

My puppy brother danced – show off! – and gave kisses and barked.

We missed Mum and Dad and the Pups. We missed our walks with Mum. We missed our naps with Dad. We missed playing with the pups.

Now we can’t get close enough to Mum.

Puppy BrotherPuppy brother has his head on Mum’s lap. She just said you haven’t met him yet! (Shame on Mum.)

Here is my puppy brother.

The adoption people said he’s two. I think he’s younger. Yep, he really is the size of my head. He’s so funny.

Isn’t he cute?

Mum and Dad call him Mini Me because he follows me everywhere and copies me. (Don’t tell them, but I like it.)