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Yep, that’s the first assignment. Why am I here?

When we first moved to Sin City, I started a personal blog to keep the family updated on our comings and goings. It was very much an online journal with a mishmash of topics. It was fun, no pressure, no worries if connections were made or not.

When I decided to pursue writing with an eye for publishing, everything I read said to establish a brand, a following. However, I didn’t want all that personal family stuff on an author site which is why I started this blog.

When I started this blog, I was a stay-at-home mum with time on my hands. I could research posts or write one on the fly. I had the time to interact with commenters and visit their sites.

In the three, almost four, years of this blog’s life, I’ve gone back to work full-time and the wee beasties are busy (which a few of you know is an understatement, LOL).

There are some topics I’d like to continue like the Tuesday Book Talk. There are some topics I want to explore again like Tarot. Hopefully, as part of this Blogging 101 course I’ll come up with some new topics.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Hopefully, this course will be the kick start to a revitalized blog and a place y’all will want to visit.

If you have a blog, why do you blog? Or, if that’s a loaded question, what topics would you like to see on this blog?