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Today’s assignment:  follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

Imagine that, a topic that follows what came up in the comments Monday. As mentioned in Monday’s post, I’ve been doing this awhile. When Google Reader went POOF I moved all the blogs I followed over to WordPress’ Reader. And that was the last time I did any purging or organizing.

Before I add more I needed to do a Spring – Winter…? – cleaning. Maria (the overachiever!) already knocked this out. Her blog roll was huge, and I mean mind-boggling huge. If she can work through that list I can work though mine. Right?

Following her lead:

  • If they hadn’t blogged in the last year or more, their blogs were deleted. The only exception were a few of the Tarot sites that are still great resources.
  • Next, I checked to see if the blog topics were still of interest. If not, I had to show some tough love and cut them.
  • If the blog was excessively promo (theirs or for others), bye-bye. I don’t have a lot of time to read blogs, even less to stop by and comment, so skipped the promos anyway. This also applied to the excessive blog hop blogs.
  • Finally, and this was hard given my own stalker tendencies, if the blogger never visited my blog or responded to comments on their blog, I let them go.

I spent more time then I allotted but I think it is done. D.O.N.E. There are a few blogs I was on the fence about so will revisit them next quarter. As I’m looking to improve my relationship with the blogs remaining on my blog roll, I haven’t followed any new blogs. I did visit and comment on a couple of blogs I saw under the Blogging 101 tag last night and I do like the topic feature of the WordPress Reader. It’s kinda like a Twitter hashtag.

I also checked all the links in the side bar while I was at it. Amazing how freeing a good cleaning is.

Kick in the arse…check.

When was the last time you cleaned your blog roll/checked links?