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Dream Reader, wherefore art thou Dream Reader?

Today’s assignment is to write a post, on any topic, with our Dream Reader in mind. Wow. Some of these assignments/prompts are stretching the ol’ gray matter, especially after a long day at the office. (Hence the lateness of this post.)

But who is my Dream Reader?

Well, you, obviously. You’ve taken the time to stop by my corner of the blogoshere. Thank you.

You’re probably not a spring chick but far from leaving your teeth in your soup. You probably have more interests than you can shake a stick at. You’re probably juggling those interests with job and family demands.

Hey, you sound a bit like me.

Hopefully, you’ll come away with something…

An idea.

A smile over the antics of Beastie Girl and Mini Me.

A bit of tarot.

A new recipe to try.

A bit of eye candy: the men and/or the women.

A new book or author to read.

Commiserate with being outnumbered. Seriously, it’s Beastie Girl and me against That Man, the wee beasties, and Mini Me.

I hope to see you again real soon.