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Today’s Daily Post prompt is to tell the story behind the last picture you took.

PlayingThis isn’t the last picture I took but it is the one from the last series of pictures I took that captures what I was aiming for — the fur-babies playing. Don’t pay attention to the toy guts all over the floor…

Mini Me is all puppy. He wants to play all the time. He’ll gnaw on Beastie Girl’s ears or jowls or feet until she relents and chases him. One day I’ll get video of that because it is hilarious.

Before Mini Me entered our lives, Beastie Girl would bring us toys to play tug-a-war. It was her game with That Man and oldest wee beastie, they would hold on for dear life and she’d tug and shake and, usually, rip the toy in two. Beastie Girl is a powerhouse.

Now the roles are reversed. Mini Me brings Beastie Girl the toy. Beastie Girl holds it and Mini Me tugs and shakes.

Beastie Girl could send Mini Me flying with one shake of her head. But she never does.

What was the last picture you took?