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All-American-Apple-PieA PIE Top 10 List:

  1. Eat pie! Whether you make it, buy it, order it, eat some pie on National Pie Day.
  2. Do pie stuff. Sing pie songs, read pie (recipe) books, quote pie poems, make pie charts. Join the American Pie Council, the only national organization devoted to eating, making, selling, promoting, and enjoying pie!
  3. Make pie. Bake your favorite homemade pie.
  4. Share pie. By its very nature, pie is meant to be eaten with others.
  5. Eat more pie! You can always have another slice, preferably warm and a la mode.
  6. Share pie memories. Call older members of your family. Ask for pie recipes. Ask them to teach you how to make pies. Reminisce about your favorite pies and the family history behind them. Make pie often and serve to the next generation.
  7. Hold a pie night. Gather family and friends for a pie celebration. Everyone must bring one pie for the pie buffet.
  8. Do kid-friendly pie activities. Teach kids how to make pie. Have kids compete in pie poetry or pie art contests. Heck, it can be educational too when you teach math and science through pie.
  9. Eat more pie!
  10. Pie aren’t just for holidays. (But if you need a reason to partake…today’s your day!)

How will you enjoy PIE today?

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