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With Imbolc freshly in mind, I’m stating goals:

1:  Continue my quest to get healthy. I made good strides toward this in 2014 but fell off the wagon a bit with the holidays. I want to lose 30 pounds by August 1st.

  • Track all food with MyFitnessPal, I’m currently on a 30 day streak. (Check out Lindsay’s streaking post, good stuff and works, too.)
  • Track my water intake with Hydro.
  • Walk daily, with a goal of 2 miles.
  • Strength train 3 times per week.

2:  Get beastie #4’s Christmas stocking cross-stitched and sewn by December 1st. I started during the Super Bowl.

3:  I funded a Roth IRA for myself last week, something long overdue, and have automatic monthly contributions set up. However, I want to save enough so I can max the contributions by year’s end.

  • Save 10% of my income.
  • Increase the automatic monthly contributions.

4:  I cut my reading goal on Goodreads for the year to, hopefully, encourage writing time. You can watch my progress in the side bar 🙂

5:  Write. Believe it or not, this isn’t last or least on my list but seems to logically follow the reduced reading goal.

  • Schedule time and stick to it!
  • Utilize football and archery practice time for writing or, at the very least, writing related activities.

6:  Build my brand, once I figure out exactly what it is, LOL.

  • Blog two times a week.
  • Post on Social Media three times a week.
  • Visit blogs, and comment!

7:  Rock my routines, AKA flying with Flylady.

  • Reestablish my morning and evening routines through baby steps. (Another place where streaking is helping me. I’ve been using the HabitBull app.)
  • Plan meals, and shop based on those meals. (Bonus, save money!)

How are you working your goals for 2015?