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Did you pass little love notes in school? Maybe with cute little check yes or no boxes for the person of your affection to respond.

Then we grew up.

When was the last time you sent your honey a love letter?

In our fast-paced lives we often forget these quick shows of affection. Yet, with Valentine’s Day looming, how many are stressing over the perfect card for Saturday?

Yeah, I am, too. That Man always finds the perfect card. Me, I over think it.

Instead of focusing on one day a year, or two if you count anniversaries, keep the romance alive with a love note.

A quick “I love you” tucked in his briefcase or in her purse to be found during the day.

Nothing will brighten your honey’s day like a random “I love you” text.

Go retro. Pass your honey one of those little love notes with check boxes.

In what fun ways do you send love letters?