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This year is flying by! Stop. Pause. Something.

Last month I made some baby steps toward most of my goals for the year. This month I HAVE to prioritize the health. I have to lose those freakin’ five pounds, and keep those suckers OFF. I also have a strength test looming in the very near future which will kick off a new strength training program. March will be about kicking butt and taking no prisoners!

1:  Lose 30 pounds by August 1st.

  • Track all food with MyFitnessPal.
  • Track my water intake with Hydro.
  • Walk daily, with a goal of 2 miles.
  • Strength train 3 times per week.

Second priority this month is the writing. I transferred a good chunk of a story into Scrivener, editing a bit as I went to reflect the new time line. I’m ready to March forward!

2:  Write.

  • Schedule time and stick to it!
  • Utilize football and archery practice time for writing or, at the very least, writing related activities.

To renew, or not to renew the domain, that is March’s question. Yeah, nothing like leaving it to the eleventh hour. I’m so on the fence about this I don’t have a plan of attack…

3:   Build my brand.

  • Blog two times a week.
  • Post on Social Media three times a week.
  • Visit blogs, and comment!

4:  Rock my routines, AKA flying with Flylady.

  • Track my morning and evening routines with HabitBull.
  • Plan meals, and shop based on those meals.

5:  Max Roth IRA contributions by year’s end.

  • Save 10% of my income.
  • Increase the automatic monthly contributions.

6:  Cross-stitch & sew stocking by December 1st.

How’s 2015 shaping up for you?